• Wood cabinet doors are warranted against warpage for a period of one year. Raised panel doors less than 24” in width and 40” in height are warranted against warpage of more than 1/8”. Single panel doors 24” and wider in width or 40” and taller in height are not warranted against warpage. We recommend multiple panels in doors 24" and wider in width or 40" and taller in height. Glass frame and Mullion doors are not warranted against warpage.
  • Wood is a product of nature, it will expand or contract depending on the surrounding environment. We monitor the level of moisture in material we receive. A proper moisture level reading should be within a 4% to 6% range when checked with a moisture meter. Doors left unfinished for a period of time in an uncontrolled environment can take on moisture and expand. Doors reading outside the 4% to 6% range will not be covered by our warranty. Wood Products must be finished within 5 days to be covered by our warranty.
  • Our warranty does not cover damage caused by our customer or the consumer.
  • Solid wood products have natural color and wood grain variations, hence adding to the beauty of a real wood product. Careful attention is given to the quality and grade of lumber we purchase. Harris Door pays special attention to the milling and drying process performed by various suppliers. Close inspection is given to each load of lumber delivered to our mill and must meet our standards before being accepted. Once accepted by our mill, lumber is re-graded to our in-house specifications. Paint grade products will have numerous color and grain variations. Stain grade products will have less color and grain variations than paint grade, these natural variations are not considered defects and will not be warranted. Select grade products will have less color and grain variations than stain grade. Our showroom is available with examples of our stated wood grains. Harris Door will review any claim made concerning color or grade variation. Replacement or credit will only be given if the product does not meet our stated specification. We recommend that doors that are to be finished “natural” be ordered in select grade only and should be treated with a tinted sealer before any final finish is applied . Wood finishes are man-made chemicals that when applied to a product of nature accentuate the natural color and grain variations found in quality hardwood products. It is the responsibility of the customer to be informed on finishing wood products. Our warranty does not cover damage due to improperly applied finishes or techniques.
  • Warranty covers replacement of product only. Warranty does not cover labor, removal of product or any damage associated with improper handling, alteration or storage.

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